AmbianceTM Addresses Problems publishers face with Digital Advertising Today

Today’s digital advertising model is broken. While digital display ads run up many billions of impressions worldwide, very few catch the attention of readers and convert into clicks or actions. Most adverts are simply not of interest to consumers who have developed ad blindness as a consequence. The impact of this on publishers is profound as CPM’s fall they find it increasingly difficult to effectively monetise the content they create. The temptation for publishers is to respond by placing more ads, creating a negative downward spiral as their readers become more irritated by their online experience and go elsewhere for their information needs – paradoxically¬†leading to fewer impressions and lower revenues!

Sophia has invented an exciting solution that helps publishers generate more revenue and improves the experience of their readers. Ambiance is an e-commerce widget that sits alongside publisher content, showcasing relevant products of interest to readers while they browse. By making content shoppable, it provides an alternative revenue stream for publishers and because the ads complement the nearby content, readers are instantly more engaged leading to improved site stickiness and increased loyalty.

How do we do this?

There are more than 50 years of R&D behind the 17 worldwide patents in AmbianceTM. This IP enables the Ambiance algorithms to truly understand the meaning and context of the content on each publisher page and accurately infer the interests and intent of the user. At the same time our algorithms can read and understand the millions of products that are available from e-tailers and intelligently match them to the users’ interests. Suddenly, this opens the door to a much smarter and more engaging way for publishers to generate revenue from their content. Rather than showing readers irrelevant and poorly targeted ads, Ambiance delivers opportunities to purchase products that are related to the content that they are consuming. That is the power behind the platform. Just click here for more detailed information on the technology.
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